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We discover

In our journey from accepting challenges to arriving at solutions, we use various processes to understand, co-create and prototype ideas quickly and cost-effectively.

We test

When transitioning from value proposition to usability and branding/communication, we use quantitative and qualitative methods to test a multi-dimensional solution.

We develop

Once a project is given a green-light, our multi-disciplinary team initiates and executes tasks with respect to design, technology, and healthcare.

Solving challenges in healthcare

We arose from the challenge of connecting those that are versed in health with those who understand design, technology and business, to create distinctive solutions which work within the healthcare area. Doctors developing software? Nutritionists facilitating co-creation dynamics? Designers talking to patients? This is how we began and it is how we still are, always looking to link critical thinking and optimization to our partner's challenges.

Faster, cheaper

The world we live in continues to be uncertain and highly volatile. Therefore our focus is to break big projects into smaller parts which allows you to rapidly test our ideas in the real world, thus avoiding a vast amount of resources invested into things that won't work! Furthermore we concentrate on specializing in these activities for healthcare and giving you a roadmap which allows you to transform challenges into opportunities.

The power of networking

Our identity, a team of professionals from differing fields of healthcare, allows us to bring to our partners not only our know-how, but also our ease of access to information, people and opportunities linked to several stakeholders in the health area. This set includes patients, health professionals, researchers, healthtechs and health innovation ecosystems.

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Oya Care

Oya Care is a 100% online femtech created to be the first virtual clinic focused on preventive healthcare of women in Brazil, founded in 2020 by Stephanie von Staa. The feminine health solution focuses on promoting awareness about discovering fertility in an appropriate and easy way, through a personal digital trail supported by medical exams and specialized professionals.

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A SaaS capable of helping patients understand and monitor their disease. It's able to learn from health professionals and with the support of a network of peers capable of positively transforming the experience of living with a disease, and promote a healthier life.

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Medical tools

An Integrated medical tools platform that's adapted to the reality of the nation, and crucial for the context of a medical consultation. Developed in collaboration with hospitals of the University of São Paulo and it's professional staff.

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Medical records management

Personalized electronic medical record system by specialty, focusing on usability and automation of calculation and data plotting functions. Aims to optimize the time spent by physicians filling out medical records during consultations.

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